Guide to Financial Planning: Part One

Take advice

Financial Planning is often complex and the varied and ever-changing rules mean that it’s easy to make a mistake. If you take professional advice, in my opinion, you increase the chances of getting it right.

Now advice can come in many forms. Beware of false prophets, or should we say false profits!

Professional Advice does not include ANY of the following.

  • Dave at work
  • My friends Mum
  • Craig’s cousin or
  • A lady on the bus.

“I don’t know about these things, but……..”

Over the years we’ve heard lots of stories about why clients have followed a particular course of action with regards to Financial Planning. Often it can include a variation on the “Dave from work” approach.

Whoever is giving the advice needs to be qualified in that area and hopefully a specialist.

So, Part One Take Professional Advice.


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